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    Artist Statement


    Susan Lukas's digital art is dreamy and surreal. Animals are used in her dreamscapes instead of people to represent the every man. She calls herself a Lightworker, a photographer and a soul who wishes to help with her fine art. Her colorful, textured art combines digital art with nature to express peace and happiness.


    Susan also offers her colorful, energetic abstract images represent her spiritual inclination and are created by taking photos of blurred lights. These digital art collages look best large over a fireplace, on a living room or office wall and will be a focal point in any room.


    Her work has been shown in galleries and juried shows in the United States. She is included in both public and private collections. Her pieces have been featured in banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and university interiors; magazines, books, calendars, and showrooms.


    She has received many awards for her digital art. She started her career in graphic design, then moved into photography and then later combined the two to create her art. She has more than 30 years of experience.


    Everything on this web site is copyrighted to Susan Lukas. If you would like a digital version of an image, please contact Susan below and do not help yourself.


    All of Susan's art is healed with Reiki as Susan is also a Reiki Master Teacher. All of her images bring a higher vibration to any home or office.


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    Your prints or canvases will arrive within two weeks. Limited editions of 150 ensure your prints originality. Your purchase is through PayPal, a trusted name in online sales. They are shipped wrapped in plastic and mailed flat.


    High quality canvases with UV coating will last for many years even in a steamy bathroom or sun. They will arrive ready to hang.

    All images are available in 11x14 prints or 16x20, 24x30 canvases.


    Custom orders are available. Contact Susan below to discuss your request or call 414 331-1644 if you have questions about a custom order.


    Shipped within continental US only. Shipping and tax are included in the price of your piece(s).
    Local metro Milwaukee delivery is available or pick up.


    It is bad karma to you if you help yourself and take an image without buying. I work hard on my images and deserve payment for them. All artists do, but others think it is acceptable to help themselves. I saw it at art shows where people would take a photo of my art without asking and not think anything of it. They do the same on Web sites. This is stealing. This is cheating. This is a sin. Can I say it any plainer?


    I can't stop you from stealing from me unless I take down this site. I share my spiritual images with you to offer a higher vibration to my visitors and customers. Please don't repay me with theft.




    If you wish to place a custom order, use the contact form below. Please be as specific as possible.

    What print are you interested in? What size? What finish? I offer matte finish, metallic finish and canvas in limited editions of 150. I will reply with a cost estimate.

    Individual images can be emailed to you for your consideration and comparison. Use the form below to request this service.


    GIFT CERTIFICATES! go to Gift Certificates below. Go to PayPal.me/SusanLukas to place your order.

    RETURN POLICY Any print or canvas damaged during shipping will be replaced.

    Ship the print back and call immediately. Otherwise, no returns.

    Charge backs will be disputed. Exchanges may be negotiated.



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