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    introducing meditation mindsets

    Meditation Mindsets (#meditationmindsets) evolved out of my own needs for peace and self healing. They are beautiful reflections of nature and digital art combined with meditative phrases. Words of wisdom offer spiritual insights.


    Hang these colorful inspirational phrases in your home, office, and sancturary to help you with anxiety, stress and forgiveness. Be motivated to meditate, center, and live a happier life.

    • Motivate your meditation intentions
    • Facilitate self healing
    • Remind yourself daily of the need to meditate.

    All Meditation Mindsets are 24 x 8 inches. They fit nicely on a shelf or in a frame. Order them here, and they will be delivered wrapped in plastic and shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard tube within one week of your order.


    They are printed on metal paper to give them more intense colors than regular photo prints.


    MEDITATION MINDSETS are also available at EARTHSHIP TREASURES, Verona, WI.

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